Matsuura-san in a cheeful moment with guests from France, Spain, and Argentina!

For sake drinkers and those who are discovering sake for the first time, there is really nothing like getting a chance to go inside and see with your own eyes the places where sake is created. When we say created, we really mean that. Sake is organic and living. It is brewed carefully with various ingredients at different stages. Sake is monitored and watched carefully, and key stages are initiated with stopwatch precision. Sake brewers are both scientists and artists.

When you come to the Matsuura Sake Brewery in Naruto, you are going to see how the process is done. From the milling of rice, to washing and steaming, to making the “koji” (the magic “fungus” that gets rice to transform). Then there is waiting and watching, like mother hens over their brood, and then more yeast and water and rice, measured to perfection are added. Then the mixing. And checking. And watching. And hovering. Then the pressing, filtration, and lastly, bottling. It is a process that requires a patient mind and a cool heart. And the variations that can be designed and tinkered with are amazing.

But don’t just take my word for it. Come and look for yourself. There is nothing like being in and amidst the machinery, the noises, and bearing witness to the “toji” (master brewer) and the team to see what sake brewing is all about.