The Oriental Stork, wikipedia image as we didn’t get close enough to the ones we saw!

When you come to Shikoku and to Tokushima you will feel a big difference between the Japan we know as a concrete jungle, complete with its subways and roads choked with cars and taxis. Here you will find wide open spaces, clear and clean water, fresh air, and wind that feels clean and healthy.

The community in this are decided to do what they could for the endangered Oriental Stork (Kounotori in Japanese), so you can, if you are lucky see them in their nests and flying overhead. We took the “Monitoring Tour” group out on a bicycle ride through the countryside to see what we could see. It was a great chance to stretch our legs, and although it was a little cooler than what we hoped for, it was a terrific experience. We will certainly try this again in spring and summer!