Ryouzenji: The first temple of the 88 on the Shikoku Buddhist Pilgrimage

When you come to the Naruto Sake Story in Tokushima you may not realize it yet but you are on the very threshold of the Shikoku 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage. World-renowned and known all over Japan as the sacred path of the priest named Kukai. From the temple of Ryouzenji you will find many pilgrims at the start line of their pilgrimage to walk the circular path around the whole of Shikoku. Of course not all pilgrims walk. You can take the bus or train too. You can ride a bicycle or even take your own car. Anything is fine, and there are no judgements how one completes their own path.

Take a few moments from your time sampling sake and dining on exquisite food and also enjoy the deep culture that is right at the doorstep of the Naruto Sake Story. If you feel like you would like to try the pilgrimage yourself, you are more than welcome. You can do it in one shot. You can do it piece by piece. You can do it in any order. But if you have the time, and the interest, the pilgrimage is a very culturally, intellectually, and even spiritually rewarding experience.