Whether you are a veteran of all sorts of sake, or a modest beginner, or someone who just wants to try something different, there are lots of different sake to try and explore. Needless to say, it is easy to get lost in all the language and terminology. Don’t worry. Matsuura-san and her staff at the Matsuura Sake Brewery will help you with that.

On a few different occassions, the members of the Naruto Sake Story had some time to try different kinds of sake and to compare one with another. It needs some patience and some concentration. At first it may be hard to differentiate, but soon enough, you will feel nuances and subtle flavors not known before. And that is a wonderful experience to have.

So if you are drinking a “Ginjoshu” or a “Junmaishu” or a “Honjozoshu” or a “Namazake” or a “Nigorizake” or “Sparkling Sake” or “Yuzu Sake” it does not matter. You should try them all, and take some time to get acclimated. This is the Naruto Sake Story and not the “Naruto Sake Race”. And of course, the best kind of sake, no matter what you discover as “the sake that is for you” is best discovered and enjoyed with friends.