Near the Matsuura Sake Brewery is an astonishing, and very much undiscovered treasure. This is the Tourin-in, a Buddhist temple that is currently tended to by the deputy abbot, Isshin. A temple to the deity, Yakushi Nyorai, this is a temple of healing, of medicine, and of comfort to those who suffer. We took different groups of visitors to Tourin-in and there was not a soul that was not deeply touched by the visit. Several of our guests, who have lived in Kyoto as expatriates, were so deeply impressed by their experiences and commented repeatedly, “This is not a thing that we can do in Kyoto!”. Here on the Naruto Sake Story, people can come for a deeper, and thus, more meaningful experience. They are permitted to come deep into the temple, to meet those who live this lifestyle, to listen, to inquire, and to truly connect with people at the heart of Japanese culture.