When you come to Japan, and then to Tokushima, to see where and how sake is created, you should take the time to go to the field with the masters who brew it. It’s a long process, but it is done with a unique kind of care and love. These are the people who have sake in their blood, and like the water that flows through their fields, it ties all parts of their lives together. From the clearing of last years weeds and wild growth, to the preparing of the earth, to the flooding of the field, to the meticulous planting of each rice seedling, to the careful measurement of water and earth, to standing day by day in witness to its growth, to the draining of the water, and then to the harvest, preparing rice is no simple task. And this is doubly so for rice that is chosen for sake. There are various strains of rice that are preserved and developed to make different kinds of sake. Strains of grain, compared with climate and region, the kind of water that is available, and the people who know best how to form sake from plants, minerals, and water, come together in concert. It is astonishing to see it, and you can see it too. The Naruto Sake Story is one with many chapters. Why don’t you think about coming here and writing one for yourself?